Sound it out. [noh-mad]: a member of a people or tribe that has no permanent abode but moves about from place to place.

Similar in definition, NOHMAD STUDIO is a travelling design studio and consultancy founded in 2016 by Jennifer Lynch. NOHMAD STUDIO works with you on any apparel design project from any location to bring your ideas to life. We prefer alterity to the office. We seek adventure to awaken curiosity and inspiration. NOHMAD STUDIO reflects an era of digital nomads, combining tech and travel with fashion and creativity.

The concept for NOHMAD STUDIO came into being somewhere between daily London Underground commutes to fashion head offices, EasyJet flights to sunny destinations, and the dream of working remotely. The name was created over pints in Soho, London, and the follow through launch in Vancouver, Canada.

NOHMAD STUDIO is [oh-so-mad] about travel and design. Find us at the local coffee house, the airport, a city centre or a patio near a beach. The world never stops moving, so we shouldn't have to.